Milwaukee Bucks: What happens next after suspension of NBA season?

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MILWAUKEE – SEPTEMBER 13: (Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

Following the suspension of the NBA season due to novel coronavirus on Wednesday, what comes next for the Milwaukee Bucks in the weeks and months ahead.

The NBA is going through an unprecedented moment. In an even wider context, the world is experiencing a situation that doesn’t resemble anything else in living memory.

With novel coronavirus currently having a truly devastating impact around the world, the importance of sport undoubtedly pales in comparison. That became even more apparent on Wednesday night as the NBA suspended its season due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Still, the association and relationship that fans have with sport, and their favorite teams, cannot be ignored. So often, in times of distress or trouble, sports act as an outlet for people to get away from the challenges of life. Like so many other forms of entertainment, sport can act as a crucial form of escapism, yet in this situation it has become essential that even sport halts for the greater good.

What that won’t do is stop fans from thinking about their favorite sports, particularly as the prospect of a potential return down the line would also seem like the kind of event that could signify some kind of return to normality.

At present, that kind of resolution seems a long way away, but there’s no doubt that hardcore Milwaukee Bucks fans will be spending time reflecting on what had been a fantastic season up until this point, and the prospect that it could resume at some point.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at what could come next as the Milwaukee Bucks and the NBA as a whole look to deal with this continually evolving situation.

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