Milwaukee Bucks: Donte DiVincenzo’s untapped potential is limitless

Donte DiVincenzo had a standout sophomore season for the league-best Milwaukee Bucks and showcased his endless potential as a player.

After an injury-riddled rookie season that caused him to appear in just 27 games, Donte DiVincenzo needed a bounce-back sophomore season. The guard received a much more significant role for the Milwaukee Bucks this season and took complete advantage of the opportunity.

Having played in 59 of the team’s game this year, DiVincenzo started in 22 of them, something he did not do once last season. The guard’s minutes per game also increased as they rose from 15.2 minutes last season to 23.1 minutes per game this season.

DiVincenzo’s increased playing time followed with a spike in all of the major statistical categories as well, which showcased his growth as a young player. The most notable change was in the guard’s points per game, where he jumped from 4.9 his rookie season to 9.4 this season.

DiVincenzo improved drastically on the defensive end also as his steals per game increased from 0.5 per game last season to a team-leading 1.4 this year. Donte’s peskiness on defense was a massive addition for the Bucks as he ranked third in the entire league in defensive rating at 100.0, astonishing for a second-year player.

The guard’s stellar play on both ends of the floor has provided an energetic spark off the bench for this team all season. Whether it be in the form of a three-pointer, a steal, a dunk, or anything else, whenever Donte checked into the game, he brought endless energy in every appearance.

With his improved play, there were nights throughout this season where Donte DiVincenzo was undoubtedly the third-best player for the Milwaukee Bucks behind Khris Middleton and Giannis Antetokounmpo. The luxury of having a player with such an all-around stellar set of skills was a significant boost for the Bucks and made Donte a household name with Milwaukee’s fans.

His play on both ends of the floor helped Milwaukee immensely throughout the season and provided a consistent option when others struggled. Overall, DiVincenzo has had a fantastic sophomore season for the Bucks, even though it may get cut short ahead of the true test of the postseason.

A spark like what DiVincenzo provided this season was something the Bucks could have used in their postseason run last year. With Eric Bledsoe and Khris Middleton having gone cold in the Eastern Conference Finals versus the Toronto Raptors, DiVincenzo may have elevated this team with others struggling. However, injuries held him out of the playoffs entirely.

With the remainder of this season currently in jeopardy due to COVID-19, DiVincenzo may not make an appearance in the postseason anytime soon. If the season does resume at some point, the Milwaukee Bucks have a significant advantage in a healthy DiVincenzo compared to last year’s team.

At just 22-years-old, Donte DiVincenzo has a lengthy career ahead of him but is already showing signs of unlimited potential in just his second season. The guard might not appear to be an MVP caliber player within the next few years, but what he did for the Milwaukee Bucks before the hiatus was extraordinary given where he was just 12 months ago.

Right now, DiVincenzo’s ceiling is yet to be fully determined. However, at only 22-years-old, the guard made a significant leap from year one to year two to showcase his potential. Only time will tell, but DiVincenzo has the talent to achieve major things in this league.

If the 22-year-old can continue to develop, DiVincenzo has a genuine chance to become a solidified third option in the near future for the Bucks.