Milwaukee Bucks: 5 biggest rivals over the next 5 years

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The Milwaukee Bucks are prepared to stay contenders for the long run, and several rivalries have the potential to carry over for the next five years or so.

Ever since their breakout year last season, the Milwaukee Bucks have asserted themselves as one of, if not the best team throughout the entire league. Their dominance has caused them to make some rivalries along the way, and some that could be present for years to come.

Only time will tell what kind of changes rosters go through, but the Bucks currently have the essential tools to remain contenders for a very long time.

Giannis Antetokounmpo is coming off of an MVP award-winning season where the Bucks fell just short of the NBA Finals. Before the stoppage this season, Antetokounmpo was undoubtedly the favorite to win it once again and likely will when the season resumes. Based on how strong the Bucks have been over the past two years, they look to be in a great position to lock down a new deal with Antetokounmpo.

Milwaukee also has Khris Middleton locked up for the next few years, and the forward has solidified himself as the team’s second star after his second consecutive All-Star appearance. With Eric Bledsoe and Brook Lopez secured for the next several years as well, the Bucks are likely to remain contenders for the long haul.

The Milwaukee Bucks put on a show every time they step on the court, but due to some rivalries made along the way, the magnitude of some games feel much more significant than others. With the league only growing stronger each season, here are the top five rivals for the Bucks over the course of the next five years.

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