Milwaukee Bucks players tune in to the first two episodes of The Last Dance

PHILADELPHIA, PA - APRIL 04: (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
PHILADELPHIA, PA - APRIL 04: (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Just like NBA fans everywhere, the Milwaukee Bucks spent their Sunday night with the season on hiatus by locking into the opening episodes of The Last Dance.

With the NBA season on hiatus due to the coronavirus for over a month now, players around the league have had to find new ways to fill their time in recent weeks.

From a Milwaukee Bucks perspective, glimpses of that have already come about in the form of the team’s superstar, Giannis Antetokounmpo, learning how to play guitar, or getting the attention of grandmasters with his chess play.

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This weekend may have been even stranger for Bucks players than any other so far, though.

Of course, that’s because if normal life, and sports beyond that, hadn’t been upended by a global pandemic over the past couple of months, the Bucks would have been starting off their quest for an NBA championship as the league’s best team on the opening weekend of playoff action.

So how did the Bucks overcome that colossal void in what their Sunday night really should have been at this point in April?

At least for a notable few, it seems as if they joined the rest of NBA fans in settling down in front of ESPN to watch the first two episodes of The Last Dance.

Considering Michael Jordan‘s place in the game, and the reverence with which that particular Chicago Bulls team is held in, the documentary series would likely be a must-watch for players around the league anyway, but the current absence of basketball probably only makes that even more pressing.

Khris Middleton let everyone know what he was doing with a tweet that he sent out just as the documentary began on ESPN, before then also adding a photo of Jordan on his TV via his Instagram story.

Meanwhile, Giannis Antetokounmpo was also locked in to the story of Jordan and the Bulls’ last hurrah, as evidenced by the image that his girlfriend, Mariah, shared of the reigning MVP watching Jordan and Scottie Pippen on screen, while his young son Liam was at his side.

Beyond the Bucks’ All-Star pairing, third year forward D.J. Wilson also posted a short video of The Last Dance on his Instagram story, while it would be no surprise if many other Bucks were so locked in that they didn’t even pick the phone up to check in on social media.

With the wait for the NBA to return likely to continue for a while longer yet, the communal experience of tuning in to The Last Dance for the next four weeks will likely only grow even larger as the series continues.

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Here’s hoping that by the time play does resume, Jordan and Co. will have offered the Bucks no shortage of inspiration when it comes to kicking on with their own quest for greatness.