Milwaukee Bucks: Revisiting Pat Connaughton’s 2019-20 season so far

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Milwaukee Bucks, Pat Connaughton

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN – FEBRUARY 28: (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

In his second season with the Milwaukee Bucks, Pat Connaughton stood out as a culture setter once again and has made his mark within the team’s rotation.

He may not be one of the more prominent players of the Milwaukee Bucks, but Pat Connaughton has made his voice heard throughout his time in the Cream City.

As the Bucks have quickly ascended to the top of the NBA by holding the league’s best record for the last two years running under head coach Mike Budenhozler, Connaughton has found a home in Milwaukee after initially coming in as a castoff from the Portland Trail Blazers.

In many ways, Connaughton has arguably become the leading face of the development program the Bucks have had in place under Budenholzer, especially when it comes to his and his staff’s abilities to nurture wing players.

Even as he’s had to fight for position and minutes within a crowded wing rotation this season, Connaughton has still managed to do a little bit of everything in his role for the Bucks this year.

Now, as questions regarding his future in Milwaukee start to bubble up ahead of his delayed free agency, Connaughton will help contribute to the Bucks’ quest of winning an NBA title. But first the 27-year-old will have to address some pressing questions in order to make that a reality.

So without further ado, let’s recap Pat Connaughton’s season with the Milwaukee Bucks and see what questions he has to answer when play picks back up in Orlando later this week.

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