Milwaukee Bucks: Revisiting Eric Bledsoe’s 2019-20 season so far

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Milwaukee Bucks, Eric Bledsoe

ATLANTA, GA – NOVEMBER 20: (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)

Eric Bledsoe has had another strong regular season for the Milwaukee Bucks, but he’ll face even more questions than usual in the playoffs.

There’s a strong case to be made that Eric Bledsoe could yet prove to be the player who greatly influences the direction the Milwaukee Bucks‘ season takes on at Walt Disney World.

Although Bledsoe quite obviously isn’t Milwaukee’s best player, he’s one of the players whose performance level could most significantly influence the Bucks’ results and lead to their play swinging in one direction or the other.

That would have been enough to make Bledsoe something of a source of fascination anyway as fans and players alike prepared for the season to ramp up again, but then even more drama was added to the mix.

Along with Pat Connaughton, Bledsoe was one of two late Bucks arrivers to the Orlando campus due to COVID-19.

That means that although Bledsoe may even be more eager than many of his teammates to see the season get going again, he’s a little behind the 8-ball in terms of the amount of time to work on court that he’s had available to him up until this point.

In normal circumstances, that could be rectified by longer days at the practice facility, but with limited practice windows on a set schedule in Milwaukee, it remains to be seen just how swiftly Bledsoe will be able to find his feet again.

With that in mind, let’s reflect on what Bledsoe’s season looked like before the stoppage, and consider the biggest questions facing him now that he has arrived in Orlando.

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