Milwaukee Bucks: George Hill continues to give back to San Antonio community

Veteran Milwaukee Bucks guard George Hill’s generosity continues to take center stage as he’s holding an event for the Boys & Girls Club in San Antonio on Sunday morning.

If there is any one Milwaukee Bucks player that has worn his heart on his proverbial sleeve, it’s certainly George Hill.

As Hill’s time has grown in Milwaukee since arriving midway through the 2018-19 season, the veteran guard has done his part to affect the communities around him by not shying away on a wide variety of issues that go beyond the basketball court.

Of course, it was Hill who spurred on the Bucks’ landmark Game 5 boycott midway through their first round series against the Orlando Magic in the wake of Jacob Blake’s shooting down in Kenosha.

Whether it’s been in Milwaukee or in cities where he previously played like in his hometown Indianapolis or San Antonio, Hill continues to touch people’s lives and those who need it most.

Now comes wind that Hill’s charitable efforts in San Antonio continue this weekend. Jeff Garcia of News 4 San Antonio reported Friday afternoon that Hill is hosting an event for the Boys & Girls Club at Ground Control Trampoline Park in San Antonio on Sunday.

Hill has certainly done his fair share of trying to lift San Antonio during these trying times. During the league’s hiatus amid the coronavirus pandemic suspending the 2019-20 season, the 34-year-old provided meals for essential workers in the city and even opened up a $1,000 tab at a local pizzeria for those that have been affected by the virus.

That goes on top of his more high-profile efforts like being a guiding light among NBA players when it comes to speaking out against racial injustice and police brutality. Or the fact that Hill opened up his own charter school entitled the Him by Her Collegiate School for the Arts in Indianapolis over the summer.

Hill is also among the crop of NBA players who have signed on with Malcolm Brogdon’s clean water initiative, Hoops4Humanity, along with Bucks teammate Donte DiVincenzo.

While Hill and the Bucks’ season didn’t end the way he and the whole organization planned for it to go on multiple levels, Hill’s leadership, generosity and kindness has been display both on and off the court in nearly the last two years specifically.

It certainly goes back to the high character that Bucks officials like Mike Budenholzer and Jon Horst have consistently raved out about the Bucks’ locker room. Hill alone doesn’t embody that, but we’re constantly seeing just how impactful his presence is within the Bucks’ roster.