Milwaukee Bucks: Earned edition jerseys debuting versus New York Knicks

Oct 19, 2018; Milwaukee, WI, USA (Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports)
Oct 19, 2018; Milwaukee, WI, USA (Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports) /

When the Milwaukee Bucks will return from the All-Star break Thursday night, they will do so wearing some new threads.

As they unveiled earlier Wednesday afternoon, the Bucks will debut their new earned edition uniform sets when they host the New York Knicks tomorrow night at Fiserv Forum.

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The Bucks join the 15 other playoff teams to make the postseason in the 2019-20 season to get such sets as all last year’s playoff teams announced throughout the day.

This now gives the Bucks their fifth uniform set to go along with their icon, association, city and statement jerseys this season. Milwaukee’s previous earned edition jerseys from the 2018-19 season had a nice nod to their green and red colors from their early inception until the early 1990s while using the MECCA-inspired template from that year’s city edition jerseys.

The Milwaukee Bucks will wear their earned edition jerseys 11 times this 2020-21 season.

Bucks fans will get used to seeing this year’s earned edition jerseys as the Bucks relayed as part of their announcement that they will be wearing these uniforms 11 times over the second half of the season, starting against the Knicks. For all Bucks fans curious to when they’ll wear their earned edition uniforms for which games, you can find all of that information here at LockerVision.

For those Bucks fans wondering what the fate is for the Bucks’ city edition uniforms, otherwise known as their blue uniforms, they’ll be wearing those two more times over the second half of the season. They’ll be donning them versus the Indiana Pacers on March 22 as well as when they host the Phoenix Suns at Fiserv Forum on April 19.

So no, the introduction of the Bucks’ earned edition uniforms isn’t exactly spelling the end quite yet for the blue uniforms, but they are indeed phasing them out after that mid-April clash with Phoenix.

While adding uniform after uniform certainly has brought a level of overkill and redundancy year over year ever since Nike took over as the league’s official merchandiser, I have to say that I like this year’s earned edition set for the Bucks. Any kind of nod or playing straight to the Bucks’ traditional colors will be more easy on the eyes than some of the more experimental Bucks looks we’ve seen in recent years.

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For the Bucks fans wanting to get their earned edition uniform and/or merchandise, you can find that collection through the Bucks’ Pro Shop starting next Thursday on March 18. In the meantime, we’ll soon see what they look like under the bright lights at Fiserv Forum starting Thursday night.