Milwaukee Bucks: Who is the fashion king after P.J. Tucker’s departure?

Jan 3, 2020; Houston, Texas, USA: Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports
Jan 3, 2020; Houston, Texas, USA: Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports /

While everyone is wondering how the Milwaukee Bucks can replace P.J. Tucker‘s defense, switchability, and toughness, there’s one aspect we aren’t focusing on enough: his fashion.

Tucker came in after being traded in March and was instantly the best-dressed Buck with his eclectic taste in clothes and his unmatched sneaker collection. The forward has been well-known for his high-end fashion taste and vast shoe collection long before he hoisted the Larry O’Brien Trophy with the Bucks this past season.

Although he was only with the Bucks for half a season and their NBA championship run, Tucker’s tunnel photos and sneakers were a staple of the Bucks’ culture page titled BucksInSix. It’s almost a little disarming to see a player who plays such a tough and tenacious style of basketball to also be very fashion-centered and appear at Fashion Week.

Who on the Milwaukee Bucks can steal the fashion king moniker with P.J. Tucker leaving?

There’s no use dwelling on it now. Tucker is gone and so are his diamond shoes. There needs to be a new fashion king crowned for the 2021-22 Milwaukee Bucks. It won’t be easy to fill the shoes of Tucker, but it has to be done.

I think the Bucks have been slept on a little bit in terms of their overall team style. You saw it more in the playoffs, but even Giannis Antetokounmpo started to get away from his rather traditional Nike Tech Fleece tracksuits and show more of his personality with his style.

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However, as much as Giannis is deserving of consideration, there are two main contenders for the right to take over as the best-dressed Buck: Jrue Holiday and Bobby Portis.

These two have different styles but each put together some nice outfits during the season as well as the playoffs.

Especially compared to Tucker, Holiday has a very understated sense of fashion. He is rarely flashy, but he knows what works for him. You won’t see him on a LeagueFits Team at the end of the year, but I like what Holiday brings to the table in this aspect.

Holiday definitely loves his plaid, but he keeps things simple. Part of the reason I don’t think the Bucks get as much love in terms of their style is that they have to dress for colder weather as well. I think it’s so much more impressive if you’re able to pull off a good winter outfit like Holiday as well as in the warmer weather.

In addition to plaid, Holiday also loves his Nike SBs and Nike Dunks. I don’t think I saw him not wearing a pair of Dunks or SBs this season on the BucksInSix page. But once again, Holiday can keep it simple but also still looking fresh. While the P.J. Tuckers and Russell Westbrooks of the NBA world get a lot of shine for their adventurous outfits, there’s always a place for keeping it simple as Holiday does.

If we’re talking about who is the closest to Tucker still on the team, then it’s Bobby Portis. While he’s not as wild as Tucker is, he is definitely the most adventurous dresser on the Bucks’ roster.

If Holiday loves his plaid, then Portis loves his jackets. Or just patterns in general. He’s a big fan of a nice patterned jacket or pair of pants. I think a lot of fans can appreciate what Portis brings to the table because he brings some color and vibrancy to his outfits, but still keeps it relatively toned down and you won’t see him going too out of the box.

This was my favorite from Portis this year where he has a nice patterned coat but keeps it toned down and simple with the all-black underneath. He also loves to rep his Underdog brand, which would usually be a turn-off to see someone just rep their own clothing line, but he makes it work with what he has on.

There’s really no way to compare and compete with what Tucker brought to the table as a dresser and sneakerhead. He’s one of the best dressed in the league every season and his sneaker collection is unmatched.

But we shouldn’t be sleeping on guys like Holiday and Portis when it comes to their sense of style. They both bring something a little different to the table but are always looking good when they show up to the games.

One last person to keep an eye on is George Hill, who the Bucks just recently brought back to run backup point guard duties next season. He definitely can put together a nice outfit and it’s good to have him back on the team for that aspect in addition to what he’ll bring on the court.

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If I had to pick, though, Portis is my pick for the best-dressed Milwaukee Buck now that Tucker is no longer on the team. He’s got the confidence from an NBA championship and is, of course, the “People’s Champ,” so the expectations are high for him to always bring it with his outfits this season.