3 2024 NBA Draft prospects the Milwaukee Bucks should hope fall to them

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The 2024 NBA Draft is slated for June, and in what has been a rarity over the past several seasons, the Milwaukee Bucks will have a few picks at their disposal, including a first and second-rounder.

Of course, the team could opt to trade the picks down the line, which would make sense if they want to bring in more established players. However, a world exists where they keep the picks, one of which is a first-rounder in the 20s, and bring in young players to address the team's needs.

With a pick in the early 20s, the Bucks will more than likely not have the top name on their big board available when they are on the clock. However, the draft is unpredictable, and perhaps a quality player could fall into their lap, depending on how things shake out.

That said, let us highlight three players the Milwaukee Bucks should hope fall in the 2024 NBA Draft.

Kel’el Ware, Indiana

The Milwaukee Bucks need to at least start thinking about life after Brook Lopez. He's under contract for next season, but he's 36 years old, and there were some signs of decline this past season. There's no telling how much time he has left, so if the Bucks want to bring in a possible replacement for him to take the reigns down the line, they should keep an eye on Indiana's Kel'el Ware.

Ironically, in NBA.com's latest mock draft, Ware's pro comparison is Brook Lopez. Not only is he a terror for opposing teams at the rim, flashing signs of incredible shot-blocking and rim protection, but he's a quality perimeter shooter as well, having hit 42.5 percent of his triples in college last season. The Bucks could plug him into the lineup and have him do a lot of the same things as Lopez.

One of Ware's most eye-catching attributes is the big man's athleticism. He moves extremely well for a 7-foot, 230-lb individual. There's no denying that the Milwaukee Bucks could use some mobility on the defensive end at the center spot, something Lopez and Bobby Portis have lacked. Athleticism is a priority for the Bucks this off-season, and Ware would fill that void nicely.