4 2024 NBA Draft prospects who could help the Milwaukee Bucks on the wing

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The Milwaukee Bucks are looking for the missing piece to push them over the championship hump.

For what has felt like years now, they’ve been a championship-caliber team, but one with a glaring need in the form of a reliable 3-and-D wing to complement Giannis Antetokounmpo. This season, other needs arose in the playoffs, such as athleticism on the fast break, secondary playmaking for when the stars are injured and consistent shooting to capitalize on the Greek Freak’s inward gravity.

The wing position has seen a lot of evolution over the past few years. In this evolution of positionless basketball in the NBA, having switchable and stretchable wings with size, length and versatile skill sets to fill out the forward positions is seen as a necessity in order to win a championship.

Even now, the need for competent wings is on full display for the teams still gutting it out in the NBA. To be perfectly candid about it, the Bucks have simply never had someone who can do what Aaron Gordon does for the Denver Nuggets, what Jaden McDaniels does for the Minnesota Wolves or even what P.J. Washington does for the Mavericks.

As we know, the closest they've had to surefire defensive stoppers at that position were P.J. Tucker and Wesley Matthews. In a league where most of the top scorers are big wings, your chances of winning a championship significantly diminish without that type of player on your roster.

Enter the 2024 NBA Draft, a wide-open class that, albeit among the weaker drafts in the past few years, is chock full of potential gems and NBA-ready pieces scattered throughout. As the Bucks look forward to their potential moves on draft night, here are a few wings to keep in mind.

Kevin McCullar Jr., Kansas

While Kansas shooting guard Kevin McCullar might not be a flashy scorer, his overall skill set suggests he could be the no-frills glue guy who perfectly complements Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Let's start with the one area he has the most potential to help the Bucks out: McCullar's calling card is his defense. He's a menace on the perimeter, with quick hands and instincts that allow him to disrupt passing lanes and generate steals. The Bucks already boast a strong defensive core, but McCullar would add another layer of on-ball pressure and perimeter containment, a weakness opposing teams sometimes expose.

It doesn’t end there, and it would be completely wrong to mistake McCullar for a defensive specialist. He's a smart, fundamentally sound player who makes winning plays. He understands positioning, rotates well and limits mistakes. This basketball IQ is exactly what the Bucks need alongside Giannis' sometimes freelancing style.

While not a primary ball-handler, McCullar can make smart decisions in transition and out of the pick-and-roll. He sees the floor well and can find open teammates for easy baskets, taking pressure off Giannis to be the sole facilitator.

One of Giannis' biggest strengths is his ability to attack in transition. McCullar thrives in this system. He cuts effectively, spaces the floor and crashes the boards for putbacks. His hustle creates scoring opportunities for himself and teammates.

But...McCullar isn't without limitations. His offensive game, particularly his shooting, is still a work in progress. He's not a lights-out shooter, and his scoring relies heavily on hustle and getting to the free-throw line.

In 2023-24, McCullar Jr. averaged 18.3 points, six rebounds, 4.1 assists, 1.5 steals, and 0.4 blocks per game. He shot 45.4 percent from the field, 33.3 percent from three and 80.5 percent from the foul line. Those aren't necessarily eye-catching numbers, but they aren't necessarily bad ones, either.

Kevin McCullar isn't a star, but his well-rounded skill set, basketball IQ and winning mentality make him a perfect fit for the Bucks. He won't take away touches from Giannis, but he'll contribute in all the areas the Milwaukee Bucks need – defense, smart decision-making and hustle.

If he can develop a more consistent 3-point shot, his value will increase even further. In a draft full of scorers, McCullar could be the under-the-radar steal that helps the Bucks win another championship.