4 Contracts Bucks must shed during the offseason

Milwaukee should look to move off these hefty contracts this summer.

Bobby Portis, Milwaukee Bucks
Bobby Portis, Milwaukee Bucks / Stacy Revere/GettyImages
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The Milwaukee Bucks are in a downswing at the moment. Since Doc Rivers took over as Head Coach, the team has stumbled to a 3-7 record and looks like they need some answers fast. It is safe to say that some of Doc's comments on the situation have not served to help the matter.

But for Bucks fans, it can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. While not ideal, Milwaukee is still in a favorable situation where they sit third in the Eastern Conference and have enough top-level talent in Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard to where they can still make a deep run in the playoffs. At the end of the day, what happens in February does not always dictate what happens in April and May.

But looking ahead to the future, there are certain moves the Bucks will want to make to remain a contender in the coming years. Outside of the obvious like retaining Giannis, Milwaukee will need to unload some heavy contracts to have freedom to improve going forward. These are four contracts they should look to offload this summer.

Chris Livingston

This is the easiest inclusion on the list. The 58th-overall pick from the 2023 NBA draft is on his rookie contract and will be owed $2.4 million at the end of his deal in the 2026-27 season. While that is far from a heavy burden for the team to carry, he has arguably the most expendable contract.

The other most obvious option for a roster cut would be Andre Jackson Jr., who was the Bucks' other second-round pick in 2023. Jackson was drafted earlier and has gotten in game action more often than Livingston this season. Since they are both being paid a similar salary and Livingston is seeing barely four minutes per game of playing time, he is the likely odd man out here.