Analyzing top 5 ranked 2024 NBA Draft prospects the Milwaukee Bucks have worked out

What would each player bring to the Bucks?
Duke v Virginia
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Jared McCain, Duke, Ranked 15th

The odds of Jared McCain still being on the board when it's Milwaukee's turn to pick are slim to none, so they'd likely have to trade up to get him - that should not be ruled out. Being ranked 15th did not deter the team from working him out, so they clearly liked something about his game.

There is plenty of appeal with McCain. He's a combo guard, meaning he can play both the point and two guard, which would give the Bucks some needed versatility. He's one of the best shooters in this entire draft class, having shot 41.8 percent from deep on 5.8 attempts per game last season. That type of stroke would help him fit right in alongside Milwaukee's stars.

Defensively, he's got potential to hold his own against other guards at the NBA level, but again, he's another 6-foot-3 player who could have trouble against those big wings, especially with a wingspan around the same length. Furthermore, he also doesn't possess a ton of athleticism for a young player, one of the prominent needs for the Bucks as they retool the roster.

Bucks fans shouldn't get their hopes up about seeing the Blue Devil don a green jersey next season, barring a surprise trade-up.