Bucks 'dream' off-season trade target would be high risk, extremely high reward

Milwaukee Bucks v Indiana Pacers - Game Three
Milwaukee Bucks v Indiana Pacers - Game Three / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

As per usual, the Milwaukee Bucks will likely be among the more active teams on the trade market this coming NBA off-season.

General manager Jon Horst, who will officially be staying put after there was some speculation he may leave, will likely make countless phone calls. One player he may very well put in an offer for is Memphis Grizzlies two guard Marcus Smart, who Bleacher Report's Greg Swartz called the team's "dream" off-season trade target.

How Marcus Smart would fit with the Milwaukee Bucks

There's no denying how well Marcus Smart would fit with this group. He'd be the perfect starting two guard next to Damian Lillard, giving the Bucks one of the best scoring guards in the league while also having one of the best perimeter defenders at the guard position next to him. For a team that needed perimeter defense desperately all season long in 2023-24, Marcus Smart would be a godsend.

Yet, trading for Smart is not risk-free. The two guard played just 20 games last season due to injury, notably a finger injury that sidelined him in January. It's no secret that injuries have played a big part in Milwaukee's downfall over the past several years, so adding a player who has had recent bouts with the injury big, especially this past season, might not be the wisest move.

On top of that, the Bucks would almost certainly have to empty their asset cabinet entirely if they were to make a play for Smart. Memphis gave up a ton for Smart, so they would not give him up for some cheap package, if they are willing to enertain him at all. He's also set to make $20.2 million in 2024-25, so the Bucks would have to gut a big part of the roster and likely give away all of their picks.

Despite the injury concerns and possible high cost, the Milwaukee Bucks should go after Smart if the Grizzlies are willing to listen to offers. The defense he could provide on the perimeter for this team is simply too desirable to overlook. Adding him to this roster could be the exact type of move the Bucks need to bounce back in 2024-25.

While this is just a suggestion from Swartz, the Bucks actually did call the Grizzlies about trading for Smart last season, per Yahoo Sports NBA insider Jake Fischer. The team clearly has an interest in the defensive-minded guard, and they should give the Grizzlies another call about him in the off-season.

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