Bucks beef up position of need by signing Stanley Umude: Reaction & analysis

Milwaukee has made another deal.
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After surprisingly doing nothing on the first day of 2024 NBA Free Agency, the Milwaukee Bucks have made two moves on day 2.

After signing Delon Wright early Monday, they have now added Stanley Umude to a two-way deal, per The Athletic's Eric Nehm.

What can Stanley Umude bring to the Milwaukee Bucks?

After selecting two 19-year-olds in the 2024 NBA Draft, the Bucks continued their mini-makeover by adding another young piece. Umude is a bit more polished, having just turned 25 with two seasons of professional basketball under his belt. For one of the oldest rosters in the league, adding Umude will help bring that average age down immediately.

The 6-foot-6 Umude boasts a 6-foot-10 wingspan, giving the Milwaukee Bucks a lengthy wing who could be of use at a position that needs some refining. With a build like that, Umude has what it takes to be a solid defender at this level and hound opponents. It's no secret the Milwaukee Bucks need as much of that as possible, so if Stanely Umude could help, this could be a tremendous pickup.

One of Umude's biggest strengths that can help the Bucks immediately is his perimeter shooting. Last season, he shot 24-of-53 (45.3 percent) from downtown, and though it's not a big sample size, he's always been a solid shooter, even dating back to his days in college. Milwaukee is always on the hunt for more shooting, so Umude is captivating in that regard at his size.

There are plenty of questions involving what the Bucks should do on the wing this off-season, and while Umude isn't the clear-cut answer, he has the tools to help. He'll have a chance to fight for a role in training camp. On the surface, this is a low-risk, potential-filled move to see what a 25-year-old can bring to a team that desperately needs a young player of his archetype.

From a financial perspective, this is a two-way deal, so it will not cost the team much either, which is another reason to further like the signing. If Umude capitalizes, perhaps he could follow the same route as A.J. Green and end up on a standard contract after playing well on a two-way deal.

More moves will certainly follow soon as the Bucks tweak their roster.

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