1 Free agency tradition the Milwaukee Bucks must abolish this off-season

Outside of one exception, it's time to turn the page.
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With an emphasis on winning now, no one can fault the Milwaukee Bucks too much for previously pursuing experienced veteran talent to assist their current core.

Yet, many of their recent moves have not worked out because the players they end up adding are simply far past their primes, despite said players being household figures. In recent memory, they have signed players such as Jae Crowder, Serge Ibaka, Robin Lopez, Joe Ingles, and George Hill, among many others. Even mid-season, the front office has taken this approach with Goran Dragic and Danilo Gallinari. It's become a yearly thing.

When the move happens, it always feels like there could be some potential there, but it ultimately never pans out. Even if the signing is for the minimum and doesn't hurt the team financially, it's time to move past this yearly tradition and use that spending money on younger players who can help the Bucks reduce the age of the oldest roster in the NBA.

How the Milwaukee Bucks should approach free agency

If the Bucks were to follow this tradition, a few names on their radar might include Robert Covington, Markieff Morris, Patty Mills or even Jae Crowder. While they're all household names, they are well into their 30s. If any of them were in their prime, these might be no-brainers, but they are not. Rather than picking them up because of the name, the Bucks need to turn the page on this thought process.

To shore up their youth, athleticism and hustle, the Bucks shouldn't shy away from players who aren't as recognizable. A few realistic free-agent targets who fit the mold are Naji Marshall, Josh Okogie and Lamar Stevens. These are all players under the age of 30 who have flashed potential and could help out a contending team if given the proper role.

The Bucks need more sparkplugs next season in the form of players who can check in and make an impact with their hustle. Whether it's getting out in transition, blocking a shot, knocking in a 3-pointer, diving for a loose ball or getting a pivotal defensive stop, Milwaukee simply needs more energizers, and the odds of getting that from a veteran over the age of 33 is slim.

Experience unquestionably matters, but it's not the end all be all. Experience can't give a player more athleticism or defensive ability. If the Bucks have to sacrifice a little experience to land a player who's capable of making an impact defensively or patching another big roster flaw, that's something they should be fine with this off-season.

The only exception to any of this is Patrick Beverley. Bringing him back wouldn't be the worst idea, as he showed this past season he could make an impact well into his 30s, and this team needs as many defenders as they can get their hands on. Yet, if Milwaukee were to move on from him in pursuit of youth, that would also be valid.

General manager Jon Horst should be eyeing more unproven and younger players if the potential is there for them to make an impact over others who would have been excellent pieces five years ago.

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