5 Free agent targets who could fill the Milwaukee Bucks' final roster spot

The Bucks still have a couple of roster holes.
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Following the signings of Delon Wright and Taurean Prince, the Milwaukee Bucks now have one standard roster spot open.

There are a lot of different directions they could go here. First off, they could very well opt to leave it open and keep some roster flexibility heading into the season. However, with several high-end names still on the free agent market, the Bucks may be wise to fill that vacancy sooner rather than later.

That said, based on the team's current needs, let us highlight five remaining free agent targets who should be on Milwaukee's radar.

Daniel Theis

The Milwaukee Bucks could use another big body in the frontcourt, especially at the center position. Behind Brook Lopez and Bobby Portis, there is no one for the team to turn to, which could create an issue if the team deals with any form of injury or absence from those two. One name who could help them fill that void is Daniel Theis.

Theis makes this list for two reasons. First off, the center market right now is incredibly bare, as there are not a lot of names left. Second, The Athletic's Kelly Iko has reported that the Bucks do have an interest in the veteran big man, so there is a legitimate chance a partnership could indeed happen if Theis feels the same way.

At 6-foot-8, Theis is undersized at the center spot, but he could offer the Bucks a different look at the position compared to Brook Lopez and Bobby Portis, as he's more mobile. Something Theis does have in common with those two is his ability to space the floor, especially as he's coming off a season where he shot 36.6 percent from deep, the second-best mark of his NBA career.

If the Bucks could get Theis on a cheap deal, it would be a fine signing to beef up their frontcourt.