Grading Taurean Prince's compelling deal with the Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks bulk up their roster with an experienced wing.
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The verdict on Taurean Prince's deal with the Milwaukee Bucks

This deal for the Milwaukee Bucks is a strong one.

With so much uncertainty regarding some of the younger wings and the team's free agents, bringing in an experienced and reliable player in Prince is exactly what the Bucks needed. Financially, it is perfect and fits within their restrictions. On a veteran's minimum contract, there likely isn't anyone as good as Prince available to fill the role the Milwaukee Bucks are looking for.

Prince joins another contending team and teams up again with Ham, who clearly trusted him last season. His dependability and defensive versatility are ideal, and as a one-year deal, it can work out well for both the team and the player. Both Prince and Wright are known for their defensive ability but can also contribute to the offense thanks to their strong shooting numbers.

The new defensive scheme will allow someone like Prince to thrive, as he has the size and build to guard one through four. He can also play multiple positions but will mainly feature at the small forward position with Middleton off the floor.

For the Bucks, it is a smart, low-risk move that can be of huge benefit to them this coming season. Both parties will be happy with the deal.

BTBP Grade: A-

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