5 Free agents the Milwaukee Bucks should avoid at all costs

The Bucks must upgrade their roster in free agency and avoid these players.
Milwaukee Bucks, Gordon Hayward
Milwaukee Bucks, Gordon Hayward / Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports
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The Milwaukee Bucks need to upgrade their roster after a second straight first-round playoff exit. Giannis Antetokounmpo was injured, but Milwaukee did not have enough depth after trading for Damian Lillard. The deal could quickly get worse, and the Bucks have zero time to waste. Giannis wants to win every year, which puts pressure on the front office.

Milwaukee will be over the second tax apron and must navigate its harsh restrictions. They cannot take back more money than they send out in a trade and are unable to aggregate salaries. It will force the Bucks to upgrade via the draft and free agency. Milwaukee has the 23rd and 33rd overall picks but will need minimum signings to improve their depth.

The Bucks have struggled to find free agent difference-makers in recent years. They need players who are eager to jump into title contention, but still capable of playing a solid nightly role. These options should be immediately off the table for the franchise.

5. DeAndre Jordan

The Bucks tried to sign Robin Lopez to back up his twin brother last offseason, but it did not work. Milwaukee does not need a veteran center on their bench, especially one clearly declining.

The Bucks reportedly want to add defensive versatility this offseason. It could mean trading Brook Lopez or lessening his role. The last thing Milwaukee needs is a traditional center that is only capable of playing 15 minutes off the bench on his best night.

DeAndre Jordan is far from the only end-of-the-bench center available. The former All-Star won a ring in 2023 and has spent the last two years in Denver. JaVale McGee and other vets do not make sense for the Bucks. Milwaukee needs to get younger and add versatility to their roster. They should not lock themselves into a one-year deal on an aging veteran big man who can only handle limited minutes.