Patrick Beverley has already won over Milwaukee Bucks fans with a single message

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In a move that came out of absolute nowhere, the Milwaukee Bucks acquired Patrick Beverley of the Philadelphia 76ers at the 2024 NBA Trade Deadline.

Beverley was officially acquired Thursday night, and he's trying to get on the court in green as soon as possible. With Milwaukee slated to play Charlotte on the second night of a back-to-back on Friday, Beverley wants to suit up, telling Cameron Payne, who was sent to Philadelphia in the deal, to take his physical as soon as possible because he wants to get on the court against Charlotte.

Patrick Beverley has already won over Milwaukee Bucks fans with a single message

Instantly, Bucks fans applauded Beverley's persistence, saying the team could use more of this in the locker room.

Some think he could even become a fan-favorite quickly, if he has not established that status already.

This is who Patrick Beverley is and always has been. He's always played with an edge and intensity that could be of great use off Milwaukee's bench. On multiple occasions this season, Milwaukee's bench has been devoid of energy, which has hurt the team mightily. A player like Beverley will not be the ultimate cure, but he could surely help, getting on players and trying to fire them up.

Yet, Beverley's mindset is not the only reason the team traded for him. He's also a tremendous player on the defensive end, able to match up against players of all shapes and sizes. He's the definition of a player fans love when he's on their team but hate when he's on the other one. Bucks fans will come to realize that fairly quickly once he takes the court, whether it's Friday or another time.

With the Bucks currently battling a 1-5 skid, injecting Beverley into the locker room could help give this group the significant spark they desperately need right now. Many have already compared this move to the Bucks' P.J. Tucker trade in 2021, which brought in another savvy veteran who has not been one to shy away from how he feels. Fingers crossed that it leads to the same end result.

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