Ranking top 5 forward prospects for the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2024 NBA Draft

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We are less than two weeks away from the 2024 NBA Draft, and the Milwaukee Bucks are going to have some decisions to make. They currently hold both the 23rd and 33rd picks of the draft, and they could use those picks on a number of different players at different positions, or they could trade the picks entirely to acquire more proven talent.

If the Bucks do decide to keep either of their picks, they certainly could look at taking a forward with the hopes that they could become a key bench player behind their current forwards (Khris Middleton and Giannis Antetokounmpo). If they do go that route, here are the top five forwards they should have their eye on.

Keep in mind I am only including players who are realistic picks for the Bucks with their current picks (23rd and 33rd).

5. Bobi Klintman (NBL Australia)

Physical Profile:
215 pounds
6-foot-11 wingspan

Bobi Klintman is a very intriguing prospect who has a lot of potential on both offense and defense. He played a season at Wake Forest before going to play in the NBL in Australia last season, and he has shown plenty of flashes. Klintman has a smooth jumper along with good length and mobility that could make him a really solid NBA player on both ends of the court.

The downside with Klintman is that he likely will need some time to fully develop and get stronger before he can play a legitimate NBA role. The Bucks do not have the time to wait, so he may not be the best pick for them.

Either way, he still has more potential than a lot of the other players who will be taken in the late first or early second round of the draft, and it would at least make some sense for the Bucks to consider him with the skills he could bring as a role player.