Ranking 5 Milwaukee Bucks likeliest to be traded in 2024 off-season

Milwaukee Bucks v Indiana Pacers - Game Six
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After yet another early exit from the NBA Playoffs, the Milwaukee Bucks head into an off-season that will require some change.

While a gambling man's safest wager would be that Giannis Antetokounmpo, Damian Lillard and Khris Middleton will all be back in green next season, it wouldn't be surprising (or wrong) if everyone else on the roster was fair game in trade scenarios. To make key tweaks to the roster, Milwaukee may have to shake things up with their players, and this is no time to get sentimental.

That said, let us rank the five players likeliest to be moved during the 2024 NBA off-season.

No. 5 - Chris Livingston

Chris Livingston? Trade candidate? Yes. With a $1.9 million salary for next season, Livingston wouldn't be the centerpiece of any trade, but he could potentially serve as a throw-in for salary purposes or to entice a team with a young player. Under contract for at least two more years, a team that has more time for youngsters could eagerly take a flyer on the 21-year-old.

Livingston has plenty of potential, which the Milwaukee Bucks clearly understand, having made him the richest final pick of a draft ever when they took him. It wouldn't hurt to keep him, as he checks off a lot of boxes that this team needs in the youth and athleticism departments, but he should by no means be untouchable. If the right deal comes along, he could likely be had.

No. 4 - MarJon Beauchamp

A lot of what was just said about Livingston could be said about MarJon Beauchamp. He's got what it takes to help this team as a lengthy, athletic wing, so keeping him would not be the worst move, but it wouldn't hurt to test his value on the market. As a former first-round pick, he could command a lot of interest from opposing teams who may believe they could get the best out of him.

If the Bucks find themselves in trade talks to land a more proven player, they could very well move on from the wing, who just wrapped up his sophomore season. Many expected Beauchamp to take a big leap forward this past season, but it was hard for him to get on the floor, especially after Doc Rivers took over as coach. Set to make $2.7 million next season, he could be a low-risk gamble for teams.