3 Reasons to love the Milwaukee Bucks' 3 free agency pickups

The Bucks have been making solid moves.
NBA : Milwaukee Bucks vs Los Angeles Lakers in Los Angeles
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No. 2 - They all fill positions of need for the Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks had five players hit free agency this off-season, including Patrick Beverley and Malik Beasley in the backcourt, and Jae Crowder, Danilo Gallinari and Thanasis Antetokounmpo in the frontcourt. With uncertainty about who would be back, the team has patched those roster holes (and even upgraded in some areas).

With Beasley almost guaranteed to earn a raise and Beverley letting it be known that he'd like one, the team needed help in the backcourt. Wright provides that immediately, giving the Bucks a combo guard who can be a stout perimeter defender like Beverley. He's not the same level of 3-point shooter as Beasley, but Wright is respectable in that regard. He's a great get at the guard position.

In the frontcourt, it's not controversial to think that Prince is an upgrade over Gallinari and Crowder, two players who couldn't carve out roles for themselves in Milwaukee. Prince gives the Bucks a nice veteran forward who can replace both Crowder and Gallinari. If all goes according to plan, Prince has what it takes to play the role the Bucks envisioned Crowder in when they traded for him.

Umude gives Milwaukee another young wing, something this team has needed for a long time now. On a two-way deal, his chances of cracking the rotation are slim, but having another lengthy wing with defensive potential and a sweet perimeter shot is something you can never have too much of in today's NBA. He'll be a nice depth piece to have in Milwaukee's back pocket.