2024 Roundtable: Exploring Bucks' options to improve via draft, free agency, trade

Which players should be on Milwaukee's radar as they aim to improve?
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2. Who do you like for the Milwaukee Bucks with the 23rd pick in the 2024 NBA Draft?

Sell: This writer has not been shy about his affinity for Ryan Dunn. Sure, there are concerns about his production offensively, but his defensive excellence outweighs that. He's an absolute menace on that side of the court, able to guard countless positions. He's the best defender in this draft in the eyes of many, and rightfully so. I wouldn't hesitate to take Kel'el Ware if he's still on the board, though. With the future of Brook Lopez up in the air, Ware would be a fitting succession plan if he's available.

Moxon: Kyle Filipowski is someone this writer is a huge fan of due to his ability to stretch the floor and defensive mobility. As a short-term option, he could come in and play the backup center or even at the four spot. He also could be a long-term heir to take the starting center position from Brook Lopez, now 36 years old. Filipowski has more defensive switchability than Lopez but with a similar offensive skill set.

Marzion: My favorite prospect at 23 is probably DaRon Holmes II out of Dayton. He's an athletic big who has some floor spacing ability and could probably contribute a little off the bench right away next season. Then, once Brook Lopez is gone, whenever that is, he could take over as the center of the future for the Bucks.

Schickert: There are several players I like for the Bucks with the 23rd pick. Not all of these players will make it to 23, but Kel'el Ware would be my favorite. Kyle Filipowski and DaRon Holmes II would also be options to draft a big man at 23. Tyler Kolek would be a great backup to Damian Lillard, and Kyshawn George would be a very intriguing potential 3-and-D player. 

LB: For pick 23, I love Dillion Jones. (But lately, I’ve seen him mocked as low as 44.) I just think he could be a spark plug this team desperately needs. He just plays hard and fast. I really think this team needs a young guy like this. Think about basketball at the Y- the old guys all sit around and critique and mold the young guys (Giannis/Dame/Khris), razzing Jones and McCullar. Here is the ultimate thing about this year’s draft: everyone is so down on the talent pool, but eventually, someone is going to have to play. I think Dillion Jones could be a gamer for this team for a long time.

Valind: I would like the Bucks to take Marquette’s Tyler Kolek with the 23rd pick. If the Bucks intend to build a team surrounding Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kolek seems like a great player to play alongside him. His playmaking ability would be great to pair with Antetokounmpo, primarily in screen actions. He also was a great shooter for the Golden Eagles last season, and you can never have too many shooters around a player like Antetokounmpo. Additionally, attending college in Milwaukee and playing in the same arena as the Bucks makes Kolek familiar with the city.

Darias: The Bucks are in a ‘win now’ situation, so they should go for a high floor player rather for a high ceiling one. That’s why Kevin McCullar fits pretty nicely. As a 23 yeard-old, he’s developed some vision and intelligence that could make him work as a sort of glue guy, which could help him become a strong member of the second unit.