2024 Roundtable: Exploring Bucks' options to improve via draft, free agency, trade

Which players should be on Milwaukee's radar as they aim to improve?
Milwaukee Bucks v Philadelphia 76ers
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5. Who is a realistic free agent or two you have your eyes on?

Sell: Realistically, Naji Marshall and Lamar Stevens are two players who could be cheap options to help Milwaukee's need for defense, youth and wing depth. The Bucks won't have ample money to spend, so they need to strike gold on an under the radar name. Either of these two could very well do just that for them.

Moxon: The free agent this writer likes is Derrick Jones Jr. having shown his value to the Dallas Mavericks. His performances however are likely to make him more difficult to acquire as his asking price will have skyrocketed following their trip to the Finals. On the cheaper end Lonnie Walker IV and Josh Okogie would be nice pickups to provide some backcourt defense and a solid ability to shoot from beyond the arc.

Marzion: Naji Marshall would be awesome with his length and defense. I also have always wanted Kris Dunn as a backup guard.

Schickert: Realistic free agents are an interesting group of players. I wrote earlier this month about several sleepers the Bucks could consider, and the three I am interested in are Mo Bamba for his ability to space the floor with the 3-ball on offense and block shots, Lonnie Walker IV as the replacement for Malik Beasley and Dario Saric, who would be the perfect backup power forward if the Bucks were to trade Bobby Portis. 

LB: De’Anthony Melton and Kris Dunn could be two fun, somewhat inexpensive adds for this team in free agency.

Valind: If the Bucks could get him for a reasonable price, Alec Burks would be an excellent free agent acquisition. Josh Okogie is another player I wish for at a low cost. Both players will provide the defensive help the team desperately needs to add this off-season. Either player could be considered an off-season steal if they land in Milwaukee.

Darias: Kris Dunn is a player that would fit perfectly in the Bucks’ backcourt. The Utah Jazz kind of threw their season away at one point, but until then he was bringing the kind of energy and defense that the team desperately needs. Is he getting payed more elsewhere? Maybe, but he’s not likely to get a big contract so it has to be explored. He might be seduced by the idea of playing in a strong contender.

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