4 Studs and 2 duds from the Milwaukee Bucks' convincing win over Phoenix Suns

Phoenix Suns v Milwaukee Bucks
Phoenix Suns v Milwaukee Bucks / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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Stud - Bobby Portis

The Mayor of Milwaukee. The Sixth Man of the Year. BOBBY BOBBY BOBBY! These were just a few things I was saying as I watched this game from the comfort of my own home. Bobby Portis was unbelievable. It was interesting to see that he didn't start with Giannis out, but that didn't stop him. He finished the game with 31 points, 10 rebounds, two assists and three steals on 65 percent shooting, hitting all five of his shots from deep.

He entered the game in the first and was lights out. He really got the Bucks' offense rolling and out to an early lead that was too much for the Suns. In the first quarter, he was perfect and had 12 points. The second quarter saw him get up to 19 points in just seven minutes on the floor. At the half, he had 25 points in just 10 minutes on the court. Back-to-back threes just showed he was really in his groove.

This was the second time this season he notched over 30 points, and it was just an all round great performance, as shown with the steals and his ability to lead the game in scoring alongside Lillard. He was in rumors of being traded before the deadline, but he has really stepped in since then and shown why he is such a valuable piece for the Bucks.

Since the All-Star break, he is averaging 15.4 points and 7.7 rebounds. Those stats may drop slightly with the return of Middleton, but he is key for the Bucks down the stretch and into the postseason as the sixth man. If one of the five starters is struggling, he needs to be there to take up some of the slack and bring that energy off the bench.