4 Studs, 2 Duds from the Milwaukee Bucks' emphatic win over the Oklahoma City Thunder

Oklahoma City Thunder v Milwaukee Bucks
Oklahoma City Thunder v Milwaukee Bucks / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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Stud - Jae Crowder

This final stud was maybe the most difficult to choose from. Lopez had a solid game, scoring 14 points, and Pat Connaughton was great off the bench, scoring 11 points. I ended up settling for Jae Crowder, who finished with 10 points, two assists, two rebounds and a steal in less than 18 minutes off the bench. Oh, and I forgot to mention that he didn't miss a shot.

Crowder hit all four of his shots, including two from deep, as he put up double figures for the ninth time this season. We know the defensive experience and physicality he brings but if he can start being more consistent from deep (hitting 36.8 percent fromt deep) then his value off the bench will continue to grow.

He had been in the starting lineup for every game since the All-Star break with both Giannis and Middleton missing time, but he may have more impact off the bench come playoff time. That ability to alternate resting the starters for guys like Crowder and Portis, who can come in and bring that hustle and be a real physical battle for opponents, can make the game easier for when the starters come back in.

Crowder will stay in the rotation because of what he provides, and he may not have to be too relied on from three, with Green set to return and grow over these past months. As part of the bench unit, Crowder just adds to the physicality and grit of the group and he will have a big part to play this season unlike last.