Tier list of 2024 NBA Draft prospects for the Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks will have no shortage of options.
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It is officially draft week, and the Milwaukee Bucks have some decisions to make on draft day this year. They hold the 23rd and 33rd picks of the draft, and they could either elect to use their picks or include them in a trade for some more proven talent.

The case for trading the picks is simple... the Bucks are in win-now mode and should be doing everything they can to acquire players to help them win a championship in 2025. Rookies in the late-first or early-second round don't hit too often, let alone in their first season, so trading the picks has a better chance of boosting their roster immediately.

The case for using the picks is that the Bucks could really use some youth. As one of the oldest teams in the NBA last season, Milwaukee looked slow and unathletic too often and got exposed defensively in many games as a result. If they can hit on a pick here, it would give them a young and cheap role player that they could desperately use. They've already worked out several prospects who they could be of great use.

If the Milwaukee Bucks decide to use either of their picks, there are a ton of different prospects they could realistically take in either the first or second round. Here is a tier list of them, going from worst to best.

Tier 4: No Thank You

Zach Edey (Big - Purdue)

Too slow for a Milwaukee Bucks team looking to become more athletic and versatile for the future.

Johnny Furphy (Wing - Kansas)

Small, poor on defense and can't do much with the ball in his hands. Just not versatile enough or NBA-ready enough to be a good fit.

Kyshawn George (Wing - Miami)

Slow, not very athletic and still rather unproven. More potential rather than production.

Baylor Scheierman (Wing - Creighton)

Any player lacking both defense and athleticism, the two things the Bucks need most, is not someone I can get excited about.

Nikola Djurisic (Wing - Serbia)

Defense and shooting are inconsistent, and he doesn't bring much quickness or athleticism to the table.

Tyler Smith (Forward - Ignite)

Still needs time to put some things together, and his defense is poor.

Tyler Kolek (Guard - Marquette)

Don't think Kolek is the right fit for a Milwaukee Bucks team that needs defense and athleticism, two areas where he is average at best.

Kyle Filipowski (Big - Duke)

If the Bucks are going to draft a big, it should be for one with more athleticism and defensive versatility.

Isaiah Collier (Guard - USC)

Inconsistent shooting, defense and decision-making all make him not nearly NBA-ready enough for the Milwaukee Bucks to draft.

Pacome Dadiet (Wing - France)

Just not NBA-ready. Only 18 years old and 190 pounds, and he has a very raw skill set that will require time to develop.

Dillon Jones (Wing - Weber State)

Not explosive or quick, and there are questions about how his game will translate to the NBA. Just too risky.

AJ Johnson (Guard - Illawara)

Only weighs 167 pounds, so that should basically tell you how ready he is to play in the NBA.

Trentyn Flowers (Wing - NBL)

Has good potential, but needs more time to polish his game than the Milwaukee Bucks can afford.

Ulrich Chomche (Big - Africa)

Super intriguing as a draft-and-stash big man, but nowhere near ready enough for the Bucks.

Juan Nunez (Guard - Spain)

Pure point guard who can pass but is a below average shooter and defender who lacks athleticism.

Melvin Ajinca (Wing - France)

A 3-and-D prospect who doesn't do either one well yet and is still a ways away.

Cam Spencer (Guard - UConn)

Sharpshooter who struggles defensively and is a subpar athlete. Just not a good Bucks fit.

Oso Ighodaro (Big - Marquette)

Can't shoot and likely at least a couple years away from being an impactful NBA player.

Antonio Reeves (Wing - Kentucky)

Elite shooter, but small and lacking athleticism. Not a very good defender.

PJ Hall (Forward - Clemson)

Relatively slow and unathletic forward who relies more on strength and feel.